Managed wifi – secure, reliable, visible and scalable

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In order to create a successful Wi-Fi network there are many considerations from heat mapping to identify the location and number of access points through to the ability to prioritise voice and video over data to ensure no degradation of quality when on a call. 

There’s only one thing worse than no wifi and that’s poor wifi

• Secure
Our managed Wi-Fi solution reduce the chance of your business suffering from a security breach with advanced tools and features such as the ability to create “Guest Networks” so you don’t need to grant access to the corporate network which could enable malware to spread laterally across the network or compromise the integrity of your data.

• Reliable
Staff and visitors require fast and reliable Wi-Fi which offers seamless connectivity wherever they are on any device.  A managed Wi-Fi network from Fusion also gives you the peace of mind that all parts and labour are covered in the event that anything goes wrong. 

• Visibility
Know how, where and when users and devices are accessing your network with impressive analytic and diagnostic tools and reports. 

• Scalable
A managed Wi-Fi solution allows you to scale your network easily.

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Firewalls – security, reliability and accountability

A Firewall is the gateway between your internal network and the internet.  It can manage the internet connections and considerably reduce the chance of your business suffering from a security breach.

A Firewall can offer many features such as web and content filtering, advanced persistent threat protection and an intrusion prevention system ensuring any security threat to your network is considerably reduced. 

A Firewall can be used to switch between two forms of internet connectivity in the event that one fails which enables users to continue working. 

The Firewall produces many reports on security and application usage on your Network.  These enables mitigation risk and ensures that IT resources are not being abused.

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