Over the last 10 years’ communications has exploded in many directions with users on multiple devices, often across various operating systems and global destinations. Constantly evolving technology means that today there are countless ways to communicate including email, text, instant messaging, conferencing, and even making a call! This brings a fantastic advantage by increasing the speed and reach of your business.

However, research shows that juggling the numerous ways we communicate can be tremendously complex and often results in mixed messages and wasted conversations.

Unified Communications (UC) eliminates communications complexity, improving the mobility and manageability of your organisation, especially if you have workforces in multiple offices and international destinations, making it more responsive and agile — and ultimately more competitive, efficient and productive.

Fusion’s UC Solution delivered through OpenScape Business integrates all your separate methods of communication — voice, email, instant messaging, presence, calendars, video and audio conferencing, even desktop sharing — into one seamless and cohesive platform, ensuring every dialogue becomes straightforward and effective.

Unified communications Fusion

Business Benefits of Unified Communications:

  • Improved efficiency

  • Reduced costs

  • Increased revenue

  • Better customer service

  • Future proof investment

  • Keep pace with technology advantages