Moving office? Get the start you need with Fusion

Fear of losing internet connectivity and phone lines is one of the main concerns when moving office. To ensure that the process is seamless, it's important to plan well in advanced and put the right pieces are in place before your lease negotiations are finalised and the office move begins. 

An office move can be a challenging process. There are numerous steps to consider, from lease negotiations and planning to technical requirements and furniture installation.

What are the pitfalls of an office move?

The main carriers are not willing to go so far for their customers, so its important to start the process early and know the process - this can give you a vital four to six extra weeks of progress towards a line install.  If lease negotiations fall through, our customers can walk away with no obligation or cost – again something the main carriers are unwilling to offer.

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Let Fusion office relocation experts take the burden of your connectivity and telephony considerations, ensuring a smooth transition for your office move, avoiding unnecessary and costly delays. At Fusion, we help organisations of all sizes through the relocation process, guiding them safely through potential pitfalls and ensuring all deadlines are met for launching your new offices.