Collaborate and communicate with Circuit from Fusion

The mobile revolution has transformed the way businesses work and teams communicate. Now it’s time to put everything in one place.

Powerful devices and innovative applications are allowing businesses to redefine how they work. Yet managing the ever growing patchwork of tools is complex and the experience of teams is often disjointed. Circuit from Fusion brings cohesion and intelligence to team collaboration and communications. From a single app, teams are able to access a range of powerful tools, meaning they can work faster and smarter instead of juggling applications and devices.

Circuit from Fusion gives teams access to a range of powerful services, including:

• Virtual meetings

• Voice calls

• Social collaboration

• Screen sharing

• Store and share files

• Universal smart content search


Why use Circuit by Fusion?

Any device, anywhere

Circuit runs on a range of browsers, Android, and iOS devices including Apple Watch, so your team are able to work together anywhere

Peace of mind

Every conversation, every document and every user is secure

Seamless working

Switch meetings, shared documents and voice calls, switch devices - it doesn’t matter, the conversation continues

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