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The speed at which businesses communication has evolved means that most businesses are using numerous disparate platforms across multiple devices. This equates to a lot of wasted time searching for conversations across multiple platforms as well as an ongoing maintenance headache.

Our Unified Communications solutions bring your teams back together by providing a single collaboration platform for all their communications. Fusion works with industry-leading vendors including Unify, CallSwitch and Horizon, offering cloud/hosted, on-premise and hybrid solutions delivering voice, video, chat, and desktop sharing.

Why use Unified Communications from Fusion?

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• Create a seamless global collaboration platform to bring your teams and customers together
• Reduction in travel costs and time
• Track conversions in their entirety across any device anywhere in the world
• Integration with Microsoft, CRM systems, and your company mobile estate

Fusion’s consultative approach allows us to understand your business patterns and requirements and deliver a bespoke solution for your business .

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