The map which shows the future of London business connectivity

Installing fibre leased lines or broadband in Central London is often a huge headache for businesses.  Nick Dutfield of Fusion introduces a map which shows a brighter future for business connectivity in the capital.  

London connectivity map

This map shows the location of every Fusion customer that’s been connected in last two years. We’re very proud of this fact but that isn’t the reason I’m highlighting it. This map is important because the speed at which it has filled up highlights a pivotal development for business communications in London. Why? Because despite being the capital city and centre of business and commerce, gaining connectivity in London is far from easy.

London connectivity woes
The traditional way of installing connectivity into a business premise is time-consuming. In central London, it can be a nightmare. Premise ownership is often unclear, so gaining a wayleave (legal agreement to install the line) can be fraught and very expensive. Each business needs its own leased line rather than using an existing connection. This means that even when you have the ‘green light’ installation takes a minimum of 35 working days.  That’s the best case scenario - it’s not uncommon for fibre installation to take 90 days. And finally, fibre leased lines are susceptible to damage because of the semi-perpetual subterranean works in the capital.

Given the importance of connectivity for business, these limitations and time scales are not acceptable.  Business moves quickly and a reliable internet connection is pre-requisite to remaining competitive.

Mapping the future
Which brings us back to the map. The majority of these London customers are using our microwave-enabled wireless internet connections. Rather than using a leased line, wireless internet uses line-of-sight to make a connection. This next-generation way of gaining connectivity is highly significant.  

Using this method, we install base stations on roof tops rather than waiting for the leased line to be installed. This means we can bypass the wayleave process. Once we have landlord permission, we just need access to the roof. Because the process is drastically shortened, we able to regularly give our customers connectivity within seven days and in some cases, we’ve delivered a next day connection.  

Microwave wireless internet has enabled us to expand our business at an incredible rate. We simply couldn’t have added as many new connections in the timescales using traditional leased line connectivity.  More importantly, it has made life immeasurably easier for all of our London customers, giving them super fast, reliable internet without the hassle. And that’s why this map is getting more crowded each day.

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