How to stay online during your office relocation

Waiting 30 days+ for connectivity is a real threat to businesses

Losing connectivity following an office move can cripple your business. Nick Dutfield explains why it is such a common problem and how to stay online during your office relocation.

How long could your business survive without connectivity? If you’re anything like most businesses today, even a short interruption in internet and voice communications is a serious problem. But when you’re offline for weeks and even months, the situation can become ruinous to your business. I know because sadly I’ve seen it happen.

If that sounds dramatic, look at the timescales involved.  It takes a minimum of 30 working days to get a fibre connection into a building. And when I say minimum, I mean it - fibre installations usually go way beyond that deadline as they require a building survey. The other hurdle when installing a fibre line at a work premises is gaining wayleave. This is the legal agreement between the building owner and carrier which allows the physical connection to be made. The nature of building ownership and responsibility means that gaining wayleave can also drag on for months.

Avoid office move disaster
In short, the surefire way to avoid a loss of connectivity is to plan ahead. My advice is to think about connectivity at the point you are scouting for new office locations. Which fibre providers are available at the location? A popular misconception is that because other tenants in the building have a connection, that it will be available for a new occupier. It isn’t as simple as that. A fibre connection is a bespoke installation per tenant so the status of the other occupiers is irrelevant.

It takes a minimum of 30 working days to get a fibre connection into a building

The quicker you address the connectivity problem, the faster you will get a resolution. Speak to someone experienced in office move connectivity, such as us. At Fusion, we can provide every type of internet connectivity, from all UK carriers and networks, as well as our bespoke wireless service in central London, so we will be able to manage the entire installation process for you.

What if it’s too late?
If you experience delays in delivery of fibre internet connectivity, we can help. You may be able to use a wireless internet connection. We’ve installed many of these connections in central London and they’ve been a life saver for a number of our customers. The beauty of a wireless connection is that you don’t need a fibre physically installed which means that typically, you don’t need wayleave either. This is because the connection uses a dish on the roof of the premises - you simply need line of sight to one of our base stations and permission from the building owner to install it. The best news? A wireless internet connection can be installed within seven days. We’ve even provided a same day connection when the conditions allowed it. Wireless internet is as secure and reliable as fibre, and is in many ways more resilient because its not reliant on an underground cable which can be disturbed or even cut - a habitual problem in greater London.

Wireless internet is as secure and reliable as fibre, and is in many ways more resilient

Get a free connectivity report
If you’re planning an office move and want to guarantee your connectivity, take advantage of our free connectivity report. We’ll tell you what’s available - including whether you can use wireless internet - and give you the info which will ensure your office relocation is a dream, not a nightmare. 

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