Fusion introduces corporate AV division 

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To help customers benefit from powerful collaboration and digital audio/visual technologies, we’re pleased to announce the launch of a dedicated AV division. 

Offering the latest business solutions for virtual meetings, large format displays and office-based AV technology, the division helps fulfil Fusion’s goal of delivering the very best business tech to customers. 

This new division, which is headed by the highly experienced Carys Green, will offer a range of AV services designed to capitalise on the growing adoption of converged IT and audio/visual technologies.

“The interest in corporate AV technology has exploded in the past few years. Being able to collaborate instantly with colleagues around the globe as if you’re in the same room is just the beginning. AV technology is transforming workplaces into smart, efficient hubs,” says Carys.

Carys Green, Fusion

Carys Green, Fusion

Services offered include installing large screens in reception space, public announcement and background music solutions, and creating meeting rooms that are equally effective for hosting virtual and physical meetings.

Carys explains why Fusion’s legacy of helping customers benefit from cutting-edge technology offers a critical edge compared to competitors.

“As always, the best technology feels simple and effortless. This only happens when it is installed and integrated correctly. By bringing together Fusion’s vast experience delivering voice and data solutions with AV technology, we can ensure that customers have access to solutions which help them worker faster, smarter and more efficiently.”

Find out the services offered by Fusion corporate AV here.