Can a business phone system improve productivity and drive down costs?

The business world has changed, is your business phone system keeping up?

The business world has changed, is your business phone system keeping up?

As the definition of work evolves from ‘where you to go’ to ‘what you do’, Mark Castle of Fusion Voice & Data explains how modern telephony solutions are making businesses work smarter.

Increasingly, employees are swapping the 9 to 5 working day for flexible working terms.  In essence an informal arrangement evolves whereby the employee is expected to deal with urgent work matters outside of business hours in return for the ability to work from home and to attend to personal matters during business hours.  The point is the outcome: what is achieved rather than where and when you work.

A new way of working
As a result, traditional telephone systems relying on handsets on desks no longer provide the complete tool set for employees to communicate effectively.  Businesses are now focused on features that drive productivity and reduce costs such as the ability to video conference, screen share, file share and collaborate wherever the user is and through the medium that suits them.  While the traditional handset will still be favoured by some users, others will choose communications apps on mobiles/tablets, softphones on their computer, or a blend of all three.  The key point is that the solution needs to offer the flexibility to collaborate and communicate easily through whichever medium suits that user at that particular moment in time.

Other benefits
In addition to flexibility and responsive to customers, there are other significant benefits when using an advanced business phone system. For example, you can record all calls which is perfect for businesses with regulatory requirements or for customer service improvement training purposes.  Linking to CRM systems is another benefit, as it means calls can be matched to the customer record. This record can then ‘pop’ automatically on the employee’s screen, meaning enhanced productivity and customer experience.

Businesses often upgrade to a next generation-phone system because they want to replace an unreliable and expensive phone system but this is just the beginning; the ability to seamlessly connect communications using a single platform means businesses can offer an enhanced customer experience, improve productivity and reduce costs.

Replacing a legacy phone system may be much easier than you think. The cost savings of replacing your business phone system are significant and the improvements to productivity and customer service create valuable long-term value.