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Businesses must now work in an agile and flexible way while remaining focused on productivity. Unifying the newest and most exciting technologies from the ever evolving worlds of audio visual, business communication and collaboration, Fusion corporate AV solutions is creating engaging working environments which inspire effective working practices.  
The team at Fusion are passionate about delivering sophisticated and modern audio visual solutions that are easy to use.

What AV solutions do we offer?

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Meeting & Collaboration Rooms
From huddle rooms to boardrooms Fusion Voice & Data partners with world leading manufacturers to provide the latest collaboration tools and video conferencing technology, with the expertise to design, install and maintain a system to make your meetings and communication more effective.  We create integrated, task focussed meeting rooms that are easy to use and reliable.

Video conferencing & collaboration systems
Communication and collaboration can mean different things to different people but in today’s always-on, increasingly agile commercial world, it is vital to be able to communicate and work together seamlessly. Whether internally with colleagues and peers or outside of your organisation with clients and partners, having the right tools to get the job done efficiently is essential. Fusion has close relationships with leading technology partners to help clients overcome a variety of business and operational challenges - whatever the budget.

Sound Masking
Sound masking is the process of adding background sound to reduce noise distractions, protect speech privacy and increase office comfort. Sound masking is ambient background sound engineered to match the frequency of human speech for greater speech privacy. Adding sound to a space actually makes the space seem quieter. It sounds counter-intuitive but it’s true.

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Large Format Display
As the cost of large format display as dropped in recent years, the AV industry has seen a considerable shift away from projection towards video walls and LED displays for a variety of meeting and public display solutions.  With high definition displays to captivate your audience, large format display can turn a passive space into a highly interactive and dynamic environment to better engage with your customers, employees and partners.

Digital Signage
Digital signage solutions allow you to share information and educate your customers, employees and visitors in real time, keeping them up to date with clear, consistent and timely messages.  Whether as a welcome screen in a reception space or information displays in an open plan office digital signage can be tailored to deliver the content you need. Digital signage is the perfect way to turn a passive space into a highly interactive, dynamic environment.

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Networked AV
Historically AV has been a dark art of bespoke cabling and proprietary equipment but in the last few years the industry has made leaps and bounds to allow the transfer of audio, video and interactive content across IT networks.  This shift has allowed for increased flexibility and incredible efficiency as devices can be monitored and managed remotely.  Content can be shared wirelessly and across multiple locations at the touch of a button and even the most technophobic of users can participate in collaboration with our intuitive solutions.

Room Booking
Web-based room scheduling systems are taking the hassle out of meeting room booking.  No more double bookings, confusion and interrupted meetings.  Even with as few as one meeting room, a room booking solution can improve the efficiency of how you work.  For organisations with multiple meeting rooms the reporting tools can become invaluable to ensuring you are maximising the most of your meeting room space.

How do we deliver AV solutions?

CONSULT - Our starting point is always to gain a comprehensive understanding of the customer’s needs, requirements and budget. While we have strong relationships with key partners within the industry, Fusion remains manufacturer agnostic to ensure we recommend the most appropriate equipment for your end solution.

DESIGN – The design process will include a thorough site survey, system design and specification, project planning and where possible product demonstrations to ensure you are comfortable with our recommendations. 

INSTALL – Our team of engineers are comprehensively trained, highly experienced and extremely competent. Good communication and project management are key to a successful installation and we’ll work closely with our client plus any appropriate contractors to ensure a smooth and trouble free working relationship.

MAINTAIN – Offering 1, 2 or 3 year service and support contracts, Fusion will ensure your equipment and set up is maintained on a regular basis to minimise faults and downtime.  Should a fault occur you’ll have access to unlimited telephone support as well as engineer call outs, loan equipment where applicable and repair or replacement of fault parts.

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